Yin Yoga and Strength Training

As I am researching different types of exercises and whether they help build stronger muscles, I stumbled across Yin Yoga – Essential Poses and Sequences for Balanced Energy by Diane R. Paylor. In this post I will discuss what Yin Yoga is, and answer the question whether Yin Yoga improves muscle strength. I do have … Read more

What Muscles Are Used Biking

More muscles are used riding a bicycle than you would think. No, I am not talking about stationary bikes. I’m talking about a bicycle that you actually ride outside. Just think about it. You are not only working the muscles in your legs,but all the core muscles required to balance. So why am I talking … Read more

How Does Age Affect Strength Training

When I started this post, I didn’t realize that building muscle at different ages is such a complex topic. My research involved material from several books and magazine articles. Some of things I read are pretty confusing, contradictory, or depressing for older folks wanting to get in shape. On the bright side, just about everything … Read more

What is the Anatomy of Exercise

If you are wondering what is the anatomy of exercise, it means describing which muscles are activated during a specific exercise. Usually, the muscles involved are shown in an artist’s drawing of the human body with muscles exposed for clarity. This does not just apply to named exercises you might do in the gym, but … Read more

What is T Tapp Exercise

Teresa Tapp was passionate about helping others become more fit, and her exercises have helped thousands of people accomplish that goal. From a young age, she researched how the human body works and created exercises to optimize maximum results. Teresa was known for having fitness challenges where people used only her program for 60 days. … Read more

Beginner Weight Training for Women

Let’s explore the book Weight Training For Women by Brittany Noelle, and see which women this book is best suited for. First off, this site is about strength training for women. This book is about weight training, which is a specific type of strength training. I do believe this is a good beginner weight training … Read more

How to Stay Motivated for Workout

It’s the Dog Days of Summer and the world is in crisis. Before the pandemic, I went into work and worked out at the gym. Now I am working and strength training at home. I’m finding it hard to be consistent with my exercise, and I am asking myself how to stay motivated for workout. … Read more

Stretching for Strength Training

Optimize your strength training workout by stretching. I played many sports when I was young, and one of my biggest regrets is not stretching. If I was stretching I would have prevented many of the injuries I accrued, and I would have been able to stay in those sports longer. Here are the things you … Read more

Women’s Health The Big Book of Exercises Review

Let’s explore whether Women’s Health The Big Book of Exercises Four Weeks to a Leaner, Sexier, Healthier You! by Adam Campbell is the right book for you. Overall, it is a great resource, but whether it is the best book for you depends on your age, fitness level, training experience, and goals. At a whopping … Read more