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My original goal for this site was  to help find women quickly find the best book to fit their current strength training goals based on their age, fitness level, strength training experience, and current goals. I  found that no one book fills every need, so now my goal is to help women find the best book, books, or resource to help them on their strength training journey.

My awareness of the variety of  ways to strengthen our bodies besides lifting weights and using gym machines has increased, and I want to explore those methods too. In addition, I am covering workout essentials like stretching, warm-up, cool-down, equipment, and dealing with injuries.

Have you ever done a search on the internet for the “best strength training book for women”. If you do, you will find ads and lists of books that are not personalized to your specific needs and goals. Maybe you feel you wasted money buying a strength training book online that you were excited about, received it, and realized it is not right for you. Here at Strength Training Books for Women, we will help you quickly and cost effectively find the right book for you.

My Strength Training Journey

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As a young woman I was very energetic, played many sports, and had multiple injuries that were never really adequately addressed. When I became a mom, life became more hectic and my body ended up on the back burner. Other than walking or hiking, I did not manage to exercise much. When I turned 40, I began practicing the arts of  Tai Chi and Chi Kung, and continued to do so for several years. This allowed me to increase flexibility, strength and heal some old injuries. Around 50 I also studied the programs by Teresa Tapp, which I will discuss in some posts.

tai chi poseIn my 50s, I seriously worked on resolving more old injuries. This meant finding a good physical therapist and doing the exercises religiously. By the way, there are many bad physical therapist out there and you need to find the right n for you. You want to not only be free of pain, but to be active in the things you love. I had an Achilles tendon issue, and managed to keep re-injuring because it never healed beyond not being in current pain. It did not have any resilience for stubbing a toe or doing long walks. A great physical therapist helped me finally heal the injury.

Another issue in my 50s that needed to be resolved was my shoulders. They kept popping out of alignment, and mywoman lifting dumbbell chiropractor told me my left shoulder was going to continue to come out of its socket unless I did some strength training. Now I have been weight training for about 5 years, and my shoulder never pops out anymore. I am injury free, my body feels great and I can enjoy activities that I have not done in years. In addition, my posture has drastically improved.

I have not completed my fitness journey, but I am getting there. I still have weight to lose and want to gain more muscle. It would be wonderful to have other women joining me on this fitness journey.

I Want to Share Wisdom Learned

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During my strength training process, I became passionate about strength training and refuse to let my body be neglected ever again. Having a background in Engineering and Education, I am an expert at researching resources to optimize my goals. I find that knowledge is power. No one books contains all the information for your specific body, goals, and needs, but the more you know the more efficient and enjoyable your workouts become.

Yes, I did work with personal trainers, but found myself having questions they could not answer. Not only that, but I save a lot of money by becoming my own expert. And yes online videos are helpful too, but not as much help when designing workouts and answering all my questions. The best resource I found is books. Authors of books spend a long time organizing their material in ways that make sense. I can’t tell you how many times I found information in a book and said “How come nobody told me that?”

My Goal For This Website  empowered woman

Let’s find the best resources for you to optimize your workout, and not waste money on books that are inappropriate for your needs. I want to empower women to learn about strength training, motivate women to create their own workouts, and become their own expert. I look forward to us women coming together as a community to build healthier, stronger, more fit bodies together.

As always, women should consult their doctor to see if there are any workout limitations for them before starting any exercise program. In no way is Strength Training Books for Women responsible for any injuries sustained in your chosen workout program.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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