Strength Training Benefits for Women

Motivate Me!

I don’t know about you, but I can motivate myself so much easier when

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I know why something is important. This is why I am starting this site
with Strength Training Benefits for Women. There is not a
one-size-fits-all “best” benefit to what motivates you. Here is a list
of some benefits to help you find your “best” motivating benefit. Which
benefit interest you the most? Everyone still gets all the benefits, but
knowing what you desire is a plus in consistent training. You might want
to start a fitness journal and write down the interests that appeal to
you. I’m sure there are more benefits, but here is a start.

  • Resolving injuries including nagging back, neck pain, and headaches
  • Increasing ability to do what you love
  • Reducing health risks and improving current health issues
  • Losing weight
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Improving your abilities in competitive sports.
  • Increasing your mental clarity
  • Improving your moods and reducing stress levels
  • Saving money on visiting health specialists and chiropractors

Improving or Maintaining Physical Health – You Can Do It!

Many health conditions can be improved or eradicated by strength
training. Recent studies suggest that women are at less risk of heart
disease and Type 2 diabetes when they participate in strength training.
For older women, bone density is an issue. Women’s bones are smaller
than men’s to begin with, and then women’s estrogen levels lower later
in life which lowers bone density.

Women of any age can benefit from adding more muscle mass to their
bodies. This does not mean you need to get bulky like a body builder.
From a study Nature Reviews: Immunology in 2019, it is reported
that our skeletal muscle plays an important role in our immune system.
This increases our ability to fight off viruses such as COVID 19.

Increased muscle mass increases your metabolism which can either help
you lose weight or allow you to eat more and maintain a given weight.
Increased muscle also burns fat. Studies show that being overweight can
increase the risk of some types of cancer, fatty liver disease, kidney
disease, sleep apnea, and problems while pregnant.

Improving or Maintaining Mental Health – Get That Smile Back!

Clinical trials have proven that strength training helps alleviate
depression, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Studies show that
it improves cognitive abilities in older adults. Resistance Training has
also been proven to reduce symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and improve

An important item to note is that if you include breathwork into your
training, it not only maximizes your training results by increasing the
oxygen level in your blood, but also reduces anxiety and promotes a
better mood.  I highly recommend the following for anyone interested in
learning more about breathwork.


Changing Your Appearance – Get Into That Outfit You Love!

For many women, the most important benefit may be the change in your
appearance. Gaining muscle not only helps you to lose weight and gain
muscle tone, it also changes your posture and the way you move. It is so
much more fun shopping for clothes when you aren’t in the Plus Size
section and have more to choose from. The dressing room experience
becomes exciting again too.

For anyone that wants a jumpstart on changing their appearance with a
quick, easy to learn workout, I suggest the T-Tapp Basic 15 minute
workout. Teresa Tapp was an amazing women, who through watching her
mother suffer during cancer treatments and suffering a back injury at a
young age herself, developed amazing workouts to help other women that
you can easily do at home. Theresa does not use weights for strength
training, but rather isometric exercises and she always looked amazing.
Theresa’s workouts are so effective that she was hired to work with top
models and athletes to improve their appearance and performance. I
consider myself fortunate to have met her and attending one of her
conferences. Below I’ve linked her Basic Workout book that comes with a
workout DVD. No equipment purchase required.

Do the Things You Love to Do!

Every women of every age and fitness level, has something they would
like to do better or just plain easier. Athletes may be in great shape,
but want to increase their competitive sport performance. Young or old, a
women may want to take up a new sport like skiing and need to get in
shape to enjoy it. Maybe you want to get in shape to go hiking or even
taking long walks on the beach.

Many women want to keep up with their children or grandchildren. In
our society, children are in so many activities that parents need the
energy and fitness to keep up with them. Of course, all those activities
need volunteer coaches like you too. Don’t let being out of shape keep
you from getting involved.

For some of our elderly, putting their own shoes on could be a goal
or going for walks around the neighborhood. My Mom amazes me. She lives
in an RV park in Florida, and those folks are always on the go; shuttle
board, darts, swimming, bike rides, and cruises that stop at various
island with walking tours. I know that I want to be in the best shape
possible when I hit retirement so that I can enjoy those golden years
too, otherwise they are not going to seem so golden.

Save Money

I find that staying fit and active saves me money. I am rarely at the
doctor’s office, and have drastically reduced how often I see a
chiropractor. All those copays add up. As we age, we certainly don’t
want to fall. Strength Training is an excellent way to prevent balance
problem and falls. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be
injured or paying copays to go to physical therapy.

So What is Your Motivator – Write It Down and Pin It Up!

This is a pretty good list of the reasons why we want to strength
train. I’m sure there are plenty more reasons and I look forward to
reading your comments. A good motivation tool is to write down your
goals and put the goals where you can see them every day. Here are some
questions to ask yourself; Why do I want to get fit? What do I want to
do? Is it a vacation that requires a certain fitness level to maximize
your enjoyment or do you just want to be able to get down on the floor
and play with your grand-babies.

Wishing you all a fabulous fitness journey,


Founder of Strength Training For Women



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